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Ignite Your Motivation: Thrive On Your Flexibility Training Journey

How to stay motivated and gain determination

When you embark on your flexibility and strength training journey, the fuel that keeps you pressing forward is a blend of motivation and determination. Let’s be real: It’s a path paved with several different challenges and pain! With passion and hard work, every hurdle becomes a milestone. This is not just about fitness; it’s about moulding a version of you that exudes strength, not just physically but mentally. If you’ve felt your zeal flickering, it’s time to ignite your motivation. Your journey to greater physical and mental health starts now!

Understanding Your "Why" – The Foundation Of Unbreakable Determination

Starting this journey requires more than a casual wish; it warrants a base of relentless determination. But what's the source of this resilience? It stems from understanding your "why" – the internal drive that motivates you to overcome physical obstacles (for example, really tight hips or back pain) and to adopt a healthy, mentally-balanced lifestyle. Recognising this essential reason turns it into a guiding light, illuminating your path. Whether it's the desire to experience a fitter body, the pursuit of good mental health, or the pure delight of exceeding personal boundaries, your "why" is the navigational aid guiding your enthusiasm and hard work. Allow it to guide you through your hard/off days, moving you towards your end goal.

I'll tell you my "why" start my mental health has never been great for as long as I can remember, my moods are down way more than they are up and I suffer with bad anxiety. Me training, whether flexibility or working out will always adjust my mood - its one thing I can control and life doesn't seem so bad! Secondly, OF COURSE I want to become stronger, more flexible - improving my talents and obviously I love how I look. This keeps me going every time. I used to have long periods of not training and it just feels like everything is weighing on my shoulders when all I need to do is get up, train and feel a likkle burn in my legs and start my day. This will never not motivate me to tick off my goals. Now that I'm a coach, my list of what keeps me motivated is a little longer. I could go on all day, the passion is REAL.

Cultivating A Supportive Environment – Your Fellowship On This Journey

Every journey prospers with companionship. Build bonds with those who reflect your passion for fitness; Your coach, ME! A gym partner, a strength mentor, or a group united by the common objective of health and mental wellness. These individuals will keep you afloat when uncertainty surfaces. They'll cheer your achievements, share tips and goals, share their struggles, offering wisdom and support .

Setting Smart, Achievable Goals – Your Roadmap to Success

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals Whether it's conquering a challenging stretch that once seemed unattainable within weeks or incrementally enhancing your strength training routine, every goal acts as a stepping stone towards the highest point of your potential. Celebrate every victory, no matter its magnitude. Each success is a testament to your dedication and hard work. With each achievement, you're not only closer to your ultimate aspiration but also crafting a narrative of resilience and perseverance. Let these goals be the milestones that mark your journey, urging you onwards as you navigate the path to unwavering motivation and strength.

The Power of Routine

Incorporate your flexibility training into the very fabric of your daily life, turning it into an unshakeable habit. For example: its almost a guarantee that I will be pulling a stretch or performing a some sort of cotemporary dance move while I'm on the phone or watching TV! Discipline becomes your steadfast companion on days when motivation wanes, silently fuelling your commitment to progress. A strong routine is what propels you forward, ensuring that even on the most challenging days, you're inching closer to your goals. Embed this discipline into your day-to-day existence.

Talk To Me

Leave me a comment and I will respond to you all, if you want your thoughts to be more private then feel free to drop me a message.

What are your goals and how are you trying to achieve them? Do you know how to achieve them? Are you worried about not knowing where to start?

In my day to day life I started to get frustrated with having to wait on others to join me to do the things I enjoy or have been excited to try out. Now I do most things on my own because I will NOT be missing out! Are you anxious to start this journey because you feel you may be alone?

If you have been waiting to book with me whether class or 1:1s my advice is to just start. This can only bring you closer to your goals not further away, learn to enjoy the journey. Make it routine!


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