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Loaded Stretching - Stretch With Weights (1:1 Sessions)

From 瞿27


Flexibility can and should be much more than just statically/passively holding stretches. Loaded stretching (stretching with weights) not only dramatically increases your flexibility. You also work on your strength and muscle mass!

- Effectively improving mobility

- Increased intensity, pushing yourself to the limit

- Actively using weights to hold your stretch positions

This service can only be booked "clients place" - if your coach is attending your gym/you have the needed weights at your home or at Wiz Fit studio location.

Please be advised you must arrive on time and ensure you are hydrated

Bring along:


Yoga mat

Knee pads (if required)

Yoga blocks (if required)

Stretch band (Preferred)

You have a 10 minute grace period. Sessions WILL be cancelled at 10 minutes lateness/no show. Last minute cancellations and rescheduling will NOT be accepted. Extra fees apply.

Terms of service:

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