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Assisted Stretching (1:1 sessions)

From 瞿27


A hands-on stretch session to support your personal flexibility goals. Stretching incorrectly does way more harm than good. If you lack the motivation or are unable to relax the muscles while you get deeper into your stretches despite the discomfort/pain then this type of session is for you!

- Full body stretch session

- Focusing on the CORRECT posture

- Increasing mobility

- Improving joint health

- Decreasing muscle pain

Please be advised you must arrive on time and ensure you are hydrated.

Bring along:


Yoga mat

Knee pads (If required)

Yoga blocks (If required)

You have a 10 minute grace period. Sessions WILL be cancelled at 10 minutes lateness/no show. Last minute cancellations and rescheduling will NOT be accepted. Extra fees apply.

Terms of service:

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